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Most of the Army's doctors were what was known as "Contract Surgeons" - civilians in the military who had no status, authority, or recognition. The promotion of the mutual interests of all such and more especially to preserve the reminiscences of the camps and field beyond the borders of our native land" The charger was granted on October 10, , just days after the organization's second meeting. Hale helped many veterans from his personal funds. They imply that the United States had a well-organized course of action that it was ready to put into motion, when in truth the nation fumbled, stumbled, and bungled its way to victory. Further discussion eventually broadened the right to membership to everyone who had been awarded a Campaign Medal by our government for service in any war or conflict. And because they were wrong, the stage would be set for the appearance of a new kind of veteran's organization - one whose avowed purpose was that such criminal ingratitude would never again rear its head. The 17th Infantry Regiment was one of the first troops to come home. Although it took the United States Army less than a year to defeat Spanish troops in both the Cuban and Philippine theaters, victory was possible only because the Spanish soldiers were hampered by even worse leadership and equipment than were the Americans. Politicians were not the only ones to turn their backs on the Spanish American War veterans.

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It would be impossible to number or name all the veteran's groups that have existed. With no organization to plead their cause, the veterans were left to protest their treatment on their own. Perhaps it was because Romanis and Putnam each worked toward their common goal from different perspectives that they ultimately succeeded. Significantly, of the 2, American casualties in the Spanish American War, only were combat deaths. After all, they were an organization of previous military men, with the key word being "previous. Several other decisions reached that night would greatly influence the future of the organization. Politicians were not the only ones to turn their backs on the Spanish American War veterans. Instead, they grew out of the beliefs and determination of its founders - and out of the founders' feeling there was no equal to the bonds of loyalty forged between men in the crucible of war. Because they were intended for short trips, they lacked adequate ventilation for those sleeping below deck and enough sanitary facilities on any level. The adoption of the committee's report was followed by the election of Hale as President and Frank Noble as Secretary. The name the former men of the First chose for their new association was the "Colorado Society of the Army of the Philippines. After the First was disbanded, Hale kept in contact with his men. The perpetuation of the memory of the achievements of the participants in this striking and unique epoch of our country's history; the perpetuation of the memories of our departed companions in arms, many of whom are now sleeping their last sleep under the palms of the tropics, or in the sand of the deep seas; to cement and strengthen the bonds of friendship formed in camp and bivouac, on long lonely voyages to the Orient, in the trenches and on lonely outposts, in skirmish and battle among rice ridges and swamps of the Philippine Islands; to collect and preserve the relics, records, books and other historical data relating to the Spanish-American War and maintain and foster true patriotism and love of our country and its institutions. The purpose for which the corporation had been formed was given as, "For social enjoyment of the membership of said association and their families and friends. On September 29, , James Romanis called the first meeting. Not only had their old jobs been taken by others, but new ones were almost nonexistent. The VFW was conceived in war, nurtured by time, and birthed by compassion. The two major organizations for Civil War veterans also rebuffed the nation's newest veterans. The VFW traces its roots back to when veterans of the Spanish-American War and the Philippine Insurrection founded local organizations to secure rights and benefits for their service: Lewis presented their report. But Putnam reminded them that this limiting idea has sounded the death knell for other organizations. Writings on the walls of caves indicate their existence, in a less formal sense, thousands of years before. The second decision was to prepare for anticipated future expansion. Of these thirteen, two men stood out as the leaders: On November 18th and 23rd, , Hale and other former officers from the First discussed the possibility of forming a veteran's association. General Hale, acting as temporary chairman, appointed a committee to draft a constitution. The war had caused no visible damage to property inside our borders, so it was difficult for officials and citizens to see the need to spend more money on a war that was officially over.

Vfw eligibility

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The Beginning Only in fairy tales do success stories begin as simply and clearly as "once upon a time. This refusal to admit new blood was the same shortsightedness that brought about the demise of every previous veteran's organization.

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