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We're thinking that our next conversation will be about how Beyonce has opened the door for further discussion around black female sexuality. To do so we must be willing to transgress traditional boundaries. It takes thinkers with a wide spreading platform, to shake us out of our incessant need to tear people down off the pedestal we put them on. How do you know that for a fact? She's the rock of every hustler economy and her primary occupation is keeping other ho's in check and gettin' that money. Especially in a big Netflix special.

The bottom bitch theory

Moreover, we're concerned that the capitalist ethics of mainstream hip hop has seduced feminist allies into flirting with bottom bitch feminism in their silencing of those who would critique Bey and the systemic violence she represents. Well then we are all fucked. Chappelle closes with a story of Iceberg Slim and his bottom bitch. These questions asked, we do understand the terror and mistrust some black women may feel when confronted with representations that reflect us to ourselves as brilliantly beautiful. They created a monster and nobody wants to see CC any more, they want Dave, Comedy Central is chopped liver. We've been feelin' this quote by bell hooks from her essay "Selling Hot Pussy": The coontocracy of assimilationist corporate negroes is in full effect, riding for patriarchal capitalist agendas and having us believe that somehow Bey's success is a step toward some dystopic vision of progress for black women. The story represents two things, in my opinion: Our deep and abiding love and respect for the ancestors will never permit an image of feminism wrapped in the gold chains of hip hop machismo. We're worth more than that. In pop culture, she represents the trope of the chosen black female, loyal to her man and complicit in her own commodification. Real Colored Girls are not here to promote or co-sign the idea that to critique Bey's "Flawless Feminism" is to hate black women. Our real fear is of a bourgeoning cadre of institutional gatekeepers of "appropriate" black feminist politics going in hard with their facile analyses, shaming and silencing black women with alternative reads of B. She isn't looking to transform pimp culture. Because another comic had the same premise? How do you know that for a fact? Insisting on a rank and file consent and approval to these 'terms of engagement' is a form of bullying and in the spirit of Audre Lorde we remind you that silencing dissent will not protect you. Chappelle and the other celebs like him, have to fight us, the fans. Our critique of Bey as a feminist doesn't come from a place of fear. To this we ask: We reject the idea that love for the folks equals blind loyalty. She's the rock of every hustler economy and her primary occupation is keeping other ho's in check and gettin' that money. Can we not love her for the gorgeous and fierce mega pop star she is without appropriating her for some liberal, power feminist agenda? But this is not that. The bottom bitch is a token who is allowed symbolic power, which she uses to discipline, advocate for, represent and advance the domain of the stable. Dave has already said he believes that Key and Peele and Amy Schumer were doing his sketch show.

The bottom bitch theory

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26.03.2018 at 10:12 pm

Beyhive Bottom Bitch Feminism does not replace, nor is it even in the realm of the critical work of black women writers and artists across the discursive spectrum, as some folks have proclaimed across social media.

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