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And God taught me a lot and helped me to grow into a stronger person as a result of it. Our most important duty is found Matthew I actually had this exact conversation with my husband earlier today when he wanted me to clarify something before I posted it. But the end of the day marriage is a huge risk in our modern culture and even more so for men than for women. That is just plain old self-righteousness. If you want more opportunities to reform and prevent modern problems, solutions in the civil sphere might include, work to change family law to be in harmony with the scriptures, reestablish male-only spaces, ban women from all positions in the military, eliminate no-fault divorce, criminalize fornication, repeal title IX, and move toward household voting. What would you tell a man who was angry that his wife was denying him sex because she was in chronic pain and dying of cancer? I absolutely understand people especially men who struggle with trusting women after being hurt in a marriage, and I can understand why some give up entirely and choose never to put themselves in that situation again. Or does that not work that way????

Submissive obedient wife

I understand where AnnaMS is coming from in that sometimes as believers we might not like what some Christians or some churches say or do and we feel their actions are an impediment to people coming to Christ. Granted I have a much more personal interest in my sister becoming saved than you do, but i hope that you can at least understand why I care about her so much. The overly-practical nurse side of me is probably showing right now. LOL… Anna, the majority of my blog is devoted to creating discussions that will prevent problems like this!! Especially while this far along pregnant, you may want to avoid things like that, you never know how a stranger will respond case in point, when I tried to confront that man, he escalated it dramatically, and then continued the harassment and slander for over 6 months! And who knows, it might create a ripple effect. Some have told me that were even encouraged to go after women that were going to be terrible wives their moms chased away the truly good, submissive ones and wanted them to pursue certain ones that had attitude problems from the get go. But the end of the day marriage is a huge risk in our modern culture and even more so for men than for women. And yes, a lot of that is for people like your sons and my own son who will likely grow up to want to marry a virtuous woman. I am not mocking the pain that Jeff, Jonadab, and tons of other men face either as a result of feminism or entirely different. I was terrified of men, looked on all strangers including fellow Christians as potential threats, and absolutely refused to be outside in the dark by myself even if it was in a safe area like walking from my car to my college dorm. You are still pregnant right? I can only encourage people to be as wise in the dating process as possible. The vast majority of my emails are from hurting men and a much smaller amount are from hurting women. This was one my first steps in trying to do just that: Women and the feminization of society, is what has caused this, the attitudes many women have — have caused this. And yes, this does mean that more men are hurt. What you did, would be like if you were involved with an abusive husband right now, and telling us how hard it is or going through a period of bitterness, and I just told you that you sounded bitter and whiny and that you should get over it already and get a better Christ-like attitude now! But at the same time I do tackle things for women like when they are sexually denied by their husbands or when they are married to deadbeats. What would you tell a man who was angry that his wife was denying him sex because she was in chronic pain and dying of cancer? Most are taught absolutely nothing about vetting the character of a woman and seeing what she thinks about different things before marriage. Or does that not work that way???? This when combined with feminism is what makes marriage such a HUGE risk. This does give women an extra incentive to claim rape. Understanding how to react with other commenters in appropriate ways is beneficial, instead of resorting to attacking them based on how you perceive them… which destroys the conversation. I think that is what DragonFly was trying to say is these kinds of words are counter productive to helping these men.

Submissive obedient wife

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That is just plain old self-righteousness. I do that all the time with my unbelieving friends.

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