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Determine any restrictions on the use of these coupons. These agencies may include the Airline Reporting Corporation. If a refundable deposit is required, when and how do you get it back? Below I'm attaching the company's full report with the Better Business Bureau: AP American plan -- hotel rate includes bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Usually, these packages are assembled by an independent tour operator and are sold through travel agents.

Southern journeys san antonio

Making a purchase or attending a sales presentation may be required to claim a vacation at a timeshare resort, membership campground or other land sales promotion. FIT frequent independent travel -- a prepaid, custom-designed travel package with many individualized arrangements. It will be your responsibility to pay for anything not specifically mentioned. Make sure that the travel services are currently available at advertised prices. If "free" travel is offered, can you make your own travel arrangements, or do you have to use a specific travel agent? Business sponsors such as restaurants or resort attractions offering discount or other coupons. Vacation certificate offers vary. The link is http: Hotel, timeshare resort, etc. When is the peak season? Small Print or Asterisks: I think of it as an investment in making family memories that are priceless yet affordable and cherished by all family members. No company has control over discounts. Ask the vacation certificate promoter what happens if the hotel or other accommodations are completely booked. Common abbreviations used in travel ads and brochures include: Make sure to look for the following: I'm not talking about that I'm saying how pleased we are we purchased vacations from Southern Journeys and what they have afforded us to do for our family. The phone number given me was , Ext Nature of Business This company specializes in travel services. Quick Check List Before finalizing any vacation or travel plans, you should do the following: RT round trip -- round trip airfare. This is the highest possible rating the BBB gives. Can you get your money back? The Bureau encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met. Do you meet the required conditions, such as age and marital status?

Southern journeys san antonio

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What is considered a valid reason for either you or the tour operator to cancel the trip?

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