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For a devoted amateur pianist, it is an understatement to observe that this was a disheartening turn of events. Similarly, humans not exposed to language in childhood will never learn to speak properly. It is due to the folly of nurses and mothers that we have become limping, so to say, in our hands. In virtue of this organization, one side of the body, the right side, namely, enjoys an indisputable advantage over the other in respect of skill and perhaps strength, too. Sigmund Freud related that when having to indicate whether a direction was right or left, he relied on making a brief writing gesture with his right hand to assure himself of the correct response. This duality is found in the archaeology of ancient cultures, the anthropology of contemporary native societies, the symbolism of Judaism and Christianity, and the philosophy of Aristotle. The scientists studying handedness, who seem to be primarily psychologists, use a standardized inventory of skills normally performed by one hand alone, such as throwing, writing, holding a racquet, or holding a toothbrush to establish and quantify the direction of handedness. Recognizing that the pathology might be located in the area of the brain responsible for language, Broca was quick to demonstrate this specimen to his colleagues and preserved it in a mixture of alcohol and formaldehyde. Perhaps it is best to recall the admonition of Thomas Carlyle:


Truman, the 33rd president Truman wrote with his right hand, but threw the opening pitch of the baseball season with his left arm ; Gerald Ford, the 38th president; Ronald Reagan, the 40th president; George Herbert Bush, the 41st president; and William Jefferson Clinton, the 42nd president were all lefties. Before proceeding further, I am chastened by the cautionary words of the 19th century Scottish essayist, satirist, and historian Thomas Carlyle: Language is uniquely human. Mastering the concept of right and left develops slowly, and recognition that right and left are reversed for the person one is facing takes most children well beyond the first decade of life to grasp. In passerine birds, chaffinches and canaries, singing is accomplished by an organ called the syrinx, analogous to the human larynx. As early as 10 weeks into gestation, fetuses show a presumed preference for right arm movement. A number of questions immediately follow. In January he married his cousin Emma Wedgwood and on December 27 his first child, William, was born. The Bible is a rich source for references to handedness, usually favoring the right hand or right side over the left. Early in embryological development these organs arise from a midline structure, and something directs their migration to the left or right. How ancient is the dominance of right-handedness in our species? The results suggest a steady increase in left-handed arm waving from to , reaching 7. The other vertical plane, which also stands perpendicularly on the horizontal plane, makes possible the concept of the side in front and the side behind. From Hand to Mouth: From photographs, he appears to have been a right-hander, but he was slow to speak as a child. It is a subject to which we will shortly return. Tan died a few days later, and the autopsy Broca performed revealed cystic pathology in the left posterior portion of the frontal lobe of his brain. The man, Leborgne, was nicknamed Tan because Tan was the only utterance he was capable of making. Studies universally confirm that women are somewhat more apt to be right-handed than men, a phenomenon that begs a biological explanation. Thus, while a greater number of psychologists are performing a greater number of neuropsychological procedures, there seems to us an uneven parallel growth between these services and the empirical foundations for them. Here is a single significant fact, from which one may judge the character of the American soldiers in the just concluded war: Proceeding home quickly, I was able to contact a friend, colleague, and outstanding Chicago hand surgeon, Robert Schenck. Finally, the dominant pattern of depressed skull fractures in fossil primates convinced anthropologist Raymond Dart that our ancestors used their right hand as they dealt their quarry a fatal blow. A leading investigator in this field, Michael C. I felt that it was quite natural to project the expressive content of the music with my left hand.


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Drill instructors in the Russian Imperial Army attempting to train poorly educated recruits resorted to tying a bundle of straw to the right ankle and a bundle of hay to the left and shouting: When during human development does handedness appear, and is there a genetic mechanism that determines its direction?

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