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The two also double-up as the fictional on-screen ad exec Rob and teacher Sharon that find themselves pregnant after a one-night stand while Rob was in London for business. The show has given way to several whimsical, high-concept episodes a pretty rad secret handshake and this very relatable GIF. Documentary and comedy fans can rejoice in Documentary Now! Supplied Liza Miller Sutton Foster is a year-old woman whose teenage daughter has just flown the coop. It's the perfect mental vacation Every episode leaves you feeling like you just watched a mini literature-themed romantic comedy the best kind , and that's what makes it PERFECT. The fifth season is currently airing on Fox. Supplied One of the most perpetually underrated shows on TV, Halt and Catch Fire is a complex, character-driven and prestige drama set, initially, in s Texas, back then called the Silicon Prairie. Fresh off the Boat will resonate with anyone growing up with immigrant parents, especially Asian ones, and wishing your mum had packed a ham and cheese sandwich instead of some exotic concoction for your schoolmates to gape over.

Shows similar to younger

Seasons two and three on US iTunes. Co-created by Perrotta and Damon Lindelof Lost , The Leftovers is a dark and sombre show but ultimately rewarding with its intricate character work and rich and provocative writing. In Liza's personal life, she's constantly juggling relationships with old friends who know her as a suburban mom, and the new crowd who know her as a lively Brooklynite. From classic sitcoms like Friends to groundbreaking family dramas like Transparent , shows that rarely exceed the minute mark are varied and pack a lot in each episode. It has not yet been canceled or renewed for a second season. That is, until she meets June Dreama Walker , an outrageously optimistic mid-westerner, who always always! It's managed to turn up the charm season after season. The most appealing part about half-hour shows? The show does a remarkable job of capturing what it's like to feel out of place — for both older people trying to fit in with a younger crowd, and younger people trying to prove themselves in the workplace. Supplied An antidote to the notoriously white landscape of American network TV, Fresh off the Boat is based on the memoirs of chef Eddie Huang and his family when he was growing up as a rap-loving Asian kid in the mids. The two also double-up as the fictional on-screen ad exec Rob and teacher Sharon that find themselves pregnant after a one-night stand while Rob was in London for business. Stream seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix. In the professional world, once Liza lies her way into an assistant job at Empirical Publishing House, she struggles to adjust to the updated marketing approaches and tech-savvy way of working, all while literally co-running an imprint for twentysomethings called Millennial Print. Seasons one and two on Presto until January 31 and iTunes. Despite the self-sabotage, the best friends always manage keep each other grounded. Supplied Like Fresh off the Boat, Black-ish is another sitcom trying to tell stories from a different perspective to your typical white nuclear family. Younger doesn't shy away from the IRL addiction to phones, tablets, and social media presence, and takes things a step further by highlighting their necessity in the workplace. Supplied A sort of oldie but an oft-ignored goodie. Hilary Duff and Sutton Foster star in 'Younger. Younger doesn't play it safe Though one might assume a show about a year-old single mother working in book publishing would be a snooze-fest, let me assure you, it's anything but. TV land By Nicole Gallucci The show is also heavy on 90s nostalgia so be prepared to start listening to Boyz II Men ballads on YouTube afterwards. The second season will debut on the streaming platform on Oct. Simpson won 13 Emmy Awards this year. Stream season 1 Hulu. Documentary and comedy fans can rejoice in Documentary Now!

Shows similar to younger

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Ad man Dre Anthony Anderson and surgeon Bow Tracee Ellis Ross are trying to raise their four kids and contend with their ageing parents while dealing with issues of race and identity in 21st century America. And that it manages to be so addictive, despite its infamous ending, is a testament to its incredible storytelling powers.

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