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The words you say mean nothing compared to what you convey through your eye contact. Don't eye other men when you are with him. Remember no man can resist a challenge: They are called windows into the soul for a reason. We like those who like us… And we know who likes us based on their eyes. Look into his eyes and don't break eye contact as you inch in closer. I was sitting at a restaurant having dinner with 4 of my close buddies, and sitting just across from me was a cute brunette with green eyes, surrounded by older, extremely loud women I assumed she works with.

Seductive eye contact

If he looks back at you, or catches you looking at him in the act so to speak and still continues to look at you ever so often — than that means he is interested. I want you to feel that point where it gets awkward and you feel creepy inside and remember to just relax, and look at her, then smile slightly. Don't come on too blatantly. Simply making strong eye contact, smiling seductively, and touching a woman with desire is enough to seal the deal. You do not seduce a woman through your words. When in doubt follow his lead. Open your eyes and look deep into his. If he isn't looking back at you the same way or is staring over your shoulder, Stop! You must have sexual tension with women. Looking back this and touch are the most effective methods of seducing women that I have found. What is the very first thing that draws you to someone, the very first thing that will attract your gaze even across a crowded room. PatrickArmen September 9, Yo yo! That is how you seduce a woman. Words do not matter in seduction. But don't close your eyes before you start to kiss. Our body's response is instantaneous If you are attracted to the other person, the response can range from interest, to mild desire a flutter of anticipation to downright arousal breasts tightening up, bolts of excitement streaking through the belly and of course getting wet — where it matters. I have looked men in the eyes and knew they were untrustworthy likewise I have looked men in the eyes and know they were with me to the death. Don't check out his assets too openly, especially in a public place. We like those who like us… And we know who likes us based on their eyes. This means you want to project your thoughts and sexual desire for a woman through your eyes into hers. It will engage all his instincts and now he will be the one after you No! Don't close your eyes until your lips meet. Eye Contact And Seduction Eye contact is one of the best ways to communicate your desire to a woman and arouse her own desire for you. Those intriguing glimpses of the 'real' you, will entice and excite a man into discovering what lies behind the cool mask. Seductive eye contact will not make you more attractive… It is what makes you attractive in the first place! If you have to look at his neck to place a kiss there, than by all means do so.

Seductive eye contact

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How to FLIRT Using Only Your EYES

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That is how you seduce a woman.

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