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The Snake The snake has a long and complicated history with humankind. Physically, the drive toward death may appear as: Every character in them speaks a vital truth. The innocent young maiden who played in the meadow was transformed into a queen by the power of the Underworld and its ruler. Remember the legend of who you are.

Scorpio and phoenix

These are the desires of the 8th house and Scorpio. Tarot Symbols and Their Meanings First, both are known to have a deadly sting, but both only do so when they feel deeply threatened. Interestingly, the sign of Scorpio has often been associated with magical properties. So blind are they that they often do not even see the forces in the world that rise up to meet them. Along with this sexual prowess, we also see the theme of transformation the shedding of the snake's skin. Though it soothes and nurtures us, water is the most powerful of the elements. They are alchemists who can take the energy of death and ashes and transmute them into something life-giving. During the rebirth phase, do not waste time on unrequited anything. In an instant, the earth opened up. The lesson to learn from Scorpio's symbols is to never count a Scorpio out. Scorpios can master the shadow realm and play the savior for waywards, lost souls and criminals. This is the sign that can cut off its nose to spite its face. Some Final Thoughts All of Scorpio's symbols tell us that beneath the icy exterior of this zodiac sign beats the heart of a champion that is willing, ready and able to go up against the toughest of odds. The Symbol In depicting Scorpio, some astrologer's use a large capital "PL" that is encapsulated into one symbol. Scorpio fearlessly delves into the darker emotions of the human psyche; like the Scorpion, the Scorpio personality prefers to crawl low to the ground, hiding in hidden corners and is prepared to sting and destroy if threatened in any way. Out of the chasm roared Hades in his dark chariot. Addiction — Due to their love of obsession and compulsion, Scorpios can be natural addicts. This is a wonderful gift because Scorpio has the capacity to transform undesirable situations into positive ones, and they can also transform their lives whenever they choose to. Overjoyed by the prospect of her return, the Earth bursts into bloom each spring. Letting go and being transformed is what all three are about. The mythical Phoenix is said to rise from the ashes of complete destruction as a symbol of mankind's innate goodness and ability to triumph over evil. In general, Scorpio's tend to love the night. Look to it to get hints of the activities and interests that will make you feel alive. The symbolic meaning for Scorpio is that the soul and spirit will always triumph over matter. Cleanly used, desire is a liberating force.

Scorpio and phoenix

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A Message from Scorpio's to Scorpio's… ♏♏♏

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Anonymity — to all — There are two signs that absolutely need people to survive. Denial of Survival Instincts — Instead of making decisions to protect the self and livelihood, the Scorpio may become purposefully reckless and threat-seeking, ignoring all tell-tale signs of danger ahead.

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