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After launching a new search in , a team of archaeologists discovered her mummy in ; it is now housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. If the recent identification of her mummy is correct, however, the medical evidence would indicate that she suffered from diabetes and died from bone cancer which had spread throughout her body while she was in her fifties. In Josephus' work, her reign is described as lasting 21 years and nine months, [13] while Africanus stated it was twenty-two years. Hatshepsut claimed, falsely, to have restored the damage wrought by the Hyksos Asian kings during their rule in Egypt. They became interchangeable at times. Then his majesty said to them: Queen Sobekneferu of the Twelfth Dynasty is known to have assumed formal power as ruler of "Upper and Lower Egypt" three centuries earlier than Hatshepsut. She reiterated Amun's support by having these proclamations by the god Amun carved on her monuments:

Queen hatshepsut early life

While all ancient leaders used it to laud their achievements, Hatshepsut has been called the most accomplished pharaoh at promoting her accomplishments. The possible reasons for her breasts not being emphasized in the most formal statues were debated among some early Egyptologists, who failed to understand the ritual religious symbolism, to take into account the fact that many women and goddesses portrayed in ancient Egyptian art often lack delineation of breasts, and that the physical aspect of the gender of pharaohs was never stressed in the art. This mummy was missing a tooth, and the space in the jaw perfectly matched Hatshepsut's existing molar, found in the DB "canopic box". At her mortuary temple, in Osirian statues that regaled the transportation of the pharaoh to the world of the dead, the symbols of the pharaoh as the deity Osiris were the reason for the attire and they were much more important to be displayed traditionally, her breasts are obscured behind her crossed arms holding the royal staffs of the two kingdoms she ruled. Interpretations by these early scholars varied and often, were baseless conjectures of their own contemporary values. This became a pointed concern among writers who sought reasons for the generic style of the shrouded statues and led to misinterpretations. A woman becoming pharaoh was rare, however; only Sobekneferu , Khentkaus I and possibly Nitocris preceded her. Following the tradition of most pharaohs, Hatshepsut had monuments constructed at the Temple of Karnak. They saw the goddess as akin to their hunter goddess, Artemis. It is likely, therefore, that when she died no later than the twenty-second year of her reign , she was interred in this tomb along with her father. However, an essential element of her success was a group of loyal officials, many handpicked, who controlled all the key positions in her government. She was merely saying how things were about thirty-five years back, before she had married Thutmose II and slugged it out with Thutmose III. She built hers in a complex at Deir el-Bahri. When nineteenth-century Egyptologists started to interpret the texts on the Deir el-Bahri temple walls which were illustrated with two seemingly male kings their translations made no sense. She instead appears to have been generally obese , a condition that was exaggerated by excessive lordosis or curvature of the lower spine. Statues such as those at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, depicting her seated wearing a tight-fitting dress and the nemes crown, are thought to be a more accurate representation of how she would have presented herself at court. She re-established international trading relationships lost during foreign occupation by the Hyksos and brought great wealth to Egypt. Almost all scholars today view this as historical revisionism , or prolepsis , on Hatshepsut's part since it was Thutmose II —a son of Thutmose I by Mutnofret —who was her father's heir. During her father's reign she held the powerful office of God's Wife. From a foundation deposit in "a small pit covered with a mat" found at Deir el-Bahri, Egypt. According to renowned Egyptologist Donald Redford: This was the first recorded attempt to transplant foreign trees. The deliberate erasures or mutilations of the numerous public celebrations of her accomplishments, but not the rarely seen ones, would be all that was necessary to obscure Hatshepsut's accomplishments. Hitherto Hatshepsut had been depicted as a typical queen, with a female body and appropriately feminine garments. Nefernferuaten and Twosret may have been the only women to succeed her among the indigenous rulers. Ahhotep I , lauded as a warrior queen, may have been a regent between the reigns of two of her sons, Kamose and Ahmose I , at the end of the Seventeenth Dynasty and the beginning of Hatshepsut's own Eighteenth Dynasty. The gender of pharaohs was never stressed in official depictions; even the men were depicted with the highly stylized false beard associated with their position in the society.

Queen hatshepsut early life

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Statues such as those at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, depicting her seated wearing a tight-fitting dress and the nemes crown, are thought to be a more accurate representation of how she would have presented herself at court. She re-established international trading relationships lost during foreign occupation by the Hyksos and brought great wealth to Egypt.

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