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He then confesses to her that he has had a premonition about an imminent threat and that one of the Titans will betray the team. The Five decided to initiate the plan themselves, but were defeated before they could obliterate Canada. The latter possesses him and enhances his mental powers, granting him an enlarged cranium and a new suit. When Psimon tried to erase Miss Martian 's mind again, they both end up in a mental battle. The Five decided to initiate the plan themselves, but were defeated in their plan to take the facility and fire a nuclear missile at Canada. Finding an ad by the psychopathic Dr. Most recently, he was seen among the new Injustice League. Psimon was present during the "Last Laugh" riots initiated by the Joker in the crossover storyline Joker: They were again defeated, this time by the combined forces of Batman , the Outsiders , and the Teen Titans.


In the alternate timeline of the " Flashpoint " storyline, Psimon is imprisoned in military Doom prison as Atomic Skull 's cellmate. The Five decided to initiate the plan themselves, but were defeated before they could obliterate Canada. Trigon, growing impatient with Psimon's lack of progress, banished his psychic minion to another dimension. Legacy , voiced by Jeff Bennett. He managed to engineer a massive prison breakout and escape, when Brother Blood took over the prison in an attempt to activate a global satellite system. With help from Bumblebee , Miss Martian manages to defeat Psimon. Trigon used his abilities to transform Jones into a powerful psychic with telepathic and telekinetic powers, and gave him the mission to destroy the Earth. The plan failed, however, and the Five were defeated. Despite being a vegetative state due to the events of season one, Riddler uses a device to control Psimon's mind and trap the minds of Nightwing and other heroes while investigating Haly's Circus. In the following battle between Trigon and the Teen Titans, Trigon comments on the boy's powers. Despite lingering animosity between Psimon and Mammoth, Sivana put the team to work for him in a scheme to short sell Lexcorp stock by having them steal accounts from its corporate building in Metropolis , and then driving down the stock by killing all the people in the building, and destroying two other Lexcorp properties. Nightwing finds both his body and the kidnapped scientist Helena Sandsmark , discovering Riddler's machinations at hand. They were again defeated, this time by the combined forces of Batman , the Outsiders , and the Teen Titans. Miss Martian catches up to Psimon who uses his mind attacks to cause Miss Martian to turn into her true form being a White Martians. Helga Jace in order to force her to make them an army of "Mud Men" to aid them in their battles. He later turned up alive, cutting a swath of destruction through another star system far from Earth, devastating the planets of Kallas and Talyn home of Jarras Minion. Psimon is later teleported from his cell to H. When Miss Martian infiltrates the ship disguised as Shimmer, Psimon easily identifies her and notifies the other villains. As the villains prepare to kill the Titans, Karen Beecher arrives and, using her powers, swiftly defeats Mammoth, Shimmer , Gizmo and Jinx. Miss Martian and Psimon end up in a psychic fight. During a stakeout, Nightwing and Flash are captured by Mammoth. L-4 of the Light reveals however that the operation can be considered a success given that the Light's newest partner has an operational delivery system that sent them the extraterrestrial sphere. Psimon continues battling the Titans until Donna Troy manages to send Troia back through the portal, releasing him from her control. Mammoth was returned to the Metahuman prison on Alcatraz Island , but Psimon and the others escaped. After escaping, the criminally unsophisticated Five urged Sivana to take Lexcorp's nuclear missile facility near Joshua Tree, California. Psimon appears in DC Universe Online.


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He became suspicious of the two villains' plans and, learning that they were going to take over the worlds by themselves once the heroes and villains were wiped out, attacked the two.

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