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They'll keep their cool even if they're crying inside. When choosing a romantic partner, you should think about who makes sense being in your life. It seems that you despise things and you can not wait to get rid of them. But you also have vulnerabilities that require attention — this is the heart, back and circulatory system. But when you marry under the influence of momentum, simply because, you are alone and looking for physical rather than spiritual satisfaction, this can be an erroneous step. Though your positive attitude allows you to accomplish a great deal when you settle down to work, when forced to face the world of fact and figures and engage in anything that restricts your creative talents, you can never really be happy. People are willing to spend time with them. Everything that you do, you try to do well, hack-work — this is not for you.

Pisces sun leo rising

You're someone who feels obligated to give of yourself to others, even when you know you may not get thanked. Honestly, you are not hesitating to spend money to help or please others. Career and Money You could do well in big business, in banking or in entertainment. Your manner of speaking is, however, forthright and direct and you have no difficulty making your sincerity and decisiveness felt. Here the ascendant protects them from appearing too vague, which leads to the development of some selfishness, although in fact there can be no question of selfishness as such. You are accused of loving money, and although there is some truth in this, you are undoubtedly talented in everything related to their getting. Pisces will jump to the most hurtful conclusion and become sad. Copying for personal offline use is fine. A nice home and a close family are your first loves; social contact and involvement, a close second. Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius The combination of your Sun sign and your Moon sign produces an affable personality and an easy, friendly manner that makes it easy for you to meet and deal with strangers. Love and Family When you finally understand what love is, marriage can be a happy combination of minds and hearts for you. Pisces people want romanticism; Pisces wants someone who can interpret their romantic thoughts. They radiate a mysterious charm, which is difficult not to succumb. A very attractive cover hides the emotionally temperamental side of your nature. You do much better when you open up to people and keep yourself on a positive track. This combination tells of interests in the mystical, philosophic and spiritual subjects. Pisces and Virgo are mutable, diffident and self-deceptive, these are the only traits they share. You may spend a good deal of time planning or putting things together, but you prefer to deal in tangible, matter-of-fact affairs that lend themselves well to your close scrutiny and critical analysis. Even when you aren't insisting on something, you have a way of making your wishes known by a manner, a gesture, or a lack of enthusiasm that clearly states your position. Too your few close friends, you are trustworthy, honest, and devoted. You need to mature for marriage and determine exactly what you want from it. Their ambition is great; It feels that they have to wage a daily brutal struggle against their own weakness; This is given to them not easily, which causes them to hide in inner pride. Security is of the utmost importance to you. A tendency toward overindulgence can cause you some problems at times; too much worry, food, sex, pleasure-seeking. You are a dependable person to whom others bring problems or projects and count on for help.

Pisces sun leo rising

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Your Appearance Based on Ascendant Sign // Five Minute Friday # 2

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