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Technically, someone already has this name. It seems like everyone calls buff guys by this name. Calling him "Superman," "Hercules" or "The Hulk" will be fitting choices if he has a muscular physique. Also, consider using his sports team's animal mascot as his nickname. Give him a nickname of an animal that makes the other animals fearful. You probably need a different nickname if you are in polite company. You may want to give your boyfriend a nickname to let him know how special he is to you. A title that commands an impressive presence. The hardest part about this list of names is that most of them are pretty awesome.

Muscular nicknames

Nicknames have had stable longevity in pro bodybuilding. This is a fairly obvious nickname option. Easy, simple and to the point. Pet names may sound silly, but they are a normal part of a beginning romance, according to Dr. This is another superhero nickname that you could go by. Everyone seems to use this for beefy fellas, so I feel like another nickname would be better. Head on over to page 2 and find out! This is for guys who seem almost robotic because of their honed muscles. Name him "Doctor" if you are practically breathless without him by your side. Honestly, I think Superman would be a better option. Just about any variation of meat can be used as a nickname for muscular guys. This name is probably too long to use conveniently, but we still like it. This works best if you are also a little hairy. It seems like everyone calls buff guys by this name. Pick your favorite body feature and turn it into a nickname. If your body is built for the beach, why not flaunt it? People tend to pick this nickname for buff guys because they wrongly assume that only steroids would make you look that good. This is a fairly common nickname for buff, muscular guys. It might be too long to use all the time, but it definitely describes your physique. This is a common term for muscular guys. This name is fairly self-explanatory. Iron Man needed a suit to be awesome. Pick your favorite workout and turn it into a nickname. Technically, someone already has this name. The reason we rank Ronnie Coleman on the list is because he truly deserves the title. Because you are built like an engine.

Muscular nicknames

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This name is probably too long to use conveniently, but we still like it.

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