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The drive-in theater was built by Russ Negelspach in Springmill is a s-style drive-in theater and is a favorite entertainment option among local residents and their pets. Open during the summer it is open 7 days a week Where: Morrison operated the drive-in theater for around 5 years, and then sold the theater to Selected Theaters. No outside food permitted.

Mayfield road drive inn

The Lynn Auto drive-in also features a concession stand where guests can find a variety of snacks to enjoy during the movie. The company operated the Blue Sky until it was bought by Gary Greive in the year No food from outside is allowed. Audio can be accessed during films from FM radio broadcast or traditional speakers. The Aut-O-Rama Drive-in is a seasonal theater, open from the beginning of April through to around the end of September, while from Memorial Day until Labor Day, the drive-in is open every day of the week. It was later purchased by an employee of the theater for 30 years by the name of Walt in Be sure to check the movie schedule as not all are suitable for young kids. If you wish to bring in your own food, you will need to purchase a food pass. Guests can find all sorts of items at the massive flea market, such as photography, art, electronics, tools, clothing, housewares, and shoes. If you know of a drive in theater that should be on the list. The concessions stand at the drive-in opens at the same time as the box office and offers everything through intermission, after which beverages, ice cream, and candy are available. While the majority of the drive-ins are now gone, there are still plenty for both locals and visitors to catch a movie beneath the stars in the comfort of their own car. The historical drive-in usually shows double features of first-run movies within an old-school setting, complete with a snack bar serving a variety of refreshments, including classic movie theater popcorn. The theater features audio via FM radio and digital projection for its two outdoor movie screens, which show double features from the spring until the fall. Search 25 Best Drive-in Theaters in Ohio The state of Ohio boasts one of the largest number of drive-in movie theaters in the country, as well as the world. The Blue Sky only has one screen and is open seasonally from May through September. Audio for the screenings can be accessed through the car stereo system, and many guests choose to sit outside of their cars to watch the films. It was designed by architect Jack Vogel and is one of the few remaining drive-ins that feature a Vogel screentower. Star View first opened to the public back in the year and can accommodate up to cars for showings every night from June until September. Springmill is a s-style drive-in theater and is a favorite entertainment option among local residents and their pets. If you wish to bring in outside food or drinks you need to purchase a food pass Contact: No outside food permitted. The Starlite Drive-in is open six nights a week and is closed on Mondays. Guests both young and old will enjoy the family-friendly Melody 49 Drive-in in Brookville, Ohio. The Auto Vue is a family-owned and operated drive-in the town of Sidney, providing movie screenings during the warmer months of the year, from May through September. The Elm Road Triple Drive-in is open throughout the summer season every day of the week and is open during the spring and the fall on the weekends.

Mayfield road drive inn

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During the summer it is open 7 days a week. The movie prices are great and most have double showings each night.

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