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At least 11 movies this year will feature a central queer female character, and so many of them are historical dramas. Representation of disabled folks, trans women, and queer women of color is painfully limited and bad. It's unclear when it'll be in wider release. A Fantastic Woman is in theaters now. Saturday Church came out in early January and is now available for purchase on YouTube and Google play. Please ignore the mixed reviews that came out of Sundance, as well as Sevigny's own critiques of the film.

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Aaaaand I wanted to take the opportunity to loudly gush about actress Daniela Vega, the film's star who'll become the first out trans woman to present at the Oscars in It's only a quasi-musical, which shouldn't deter the Hamilton haters among us. In keeping with historical tradition, queer women have been noticeably less visible. A Fantastic Woman Even though A Fantastic Woman came out at the end of , it didn't fully hit theaters until so I'm including it on this list. Not all queer teenagers fall in love with their best friends, but at risk of angering the queer pundit class, many of us do. It is incredible how essential to me you have become. Rhys Ernst directed the film. Fear not, queer women and the humans who like them. They'd much rather fawn over pretty boys like Eddie Redmayne and Jared Leto. Blockbuster movies like Ghostbusters and Power Rangers hinted at their characters' queerness without doing anything explicitly and risking the wrath of the Great Middle American Consumer. The film features Lena Hall Hedwig and the Angry Inch as a Brooklyn musician who moves in with her mother after a relationship goes sour. The dramedy won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in January, with The Guardian branding it as "a panacea for gay kids for years to come. Roadside attractions will release Lizzie sometime this summer. While Saturday Church may not have a queer cis woman as its main, it represents the full LGBTQ spectrum, including trans and queer kids of color, who are far less likely to find representation on screen. Saturday Church Saturday Church dispels with gender binary fiction to give us Ulysses, a year-old kid trying to navigate his gender identity all while processing his parent's passing. The film reportedly blends social realism with magical realism to create the kind of queer melodrama we deserve. Either the reviewer is correct, or they didn't see Knight's masterpiece Bend it Like Beckham. Don't get me wrong — there's still so much room for growth. Bleecker Street will release the film on September 21, This film is great by definition. Adam I am skeptical of anyone who recommends YA fiction, having spent years trying to fend off John Green recommendations. My Days of Mercy My Days of Mercy is the ultimate film for those of us proudly identify as queer social justice warriors. Vega plays a trans woman who is exiled by her family after her partner's passing. Most of these movies will be limited to indie audiences. Becks Back when I was in college, lesbians and acoustic guitar musicians were basically synonymous. The Guardian called it a "vibrant combination of romance, fantasy and detective story" and a "huge step forward" for the trans community.

Lisbean movie

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