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These will come out in When you're satisfied with the flatness of the back, fine grind it through and Don't be fooled by some of the larger pits that can make itself. Plate glass has a three times greater coefficient of thermal expansion than does Pyrex. When I say "flat", I mean "regular" more than flat. Place a light several feet behind your face-up mirror. To grind, place the mirror face up on something soft like an old piece of deep shag carpet so the glass won't rock.

Lap grind

Although a 16" tool works well with a 16" mirror, for larger mirrors I would recommend a smaller tool simply because full size tools are heavy and awkward. This way you get two flattened for the work of one. Well, there it is. Getting a Sphere Even the most careful finishing up job with 60 grit will leave the curve somewhat hyperbolic. Second, the weight of your hands on the back of the tool will force the center of the tool to grind harder on the center of the mirror, generating a curve deeper i. A reasonable price is whatever you're willing to pay. Abridged from an article appearing in Telescope Making 12 Provided: At this point, the support of the mirror is not at all critical, but using a piece of carpet under the mirror will allow you to rotate it easily. This is somewhat risky because the pitch can deform the mirror. Aquarium cement is readily available and sticks to glass. Last summer a friend and I made a The methods I describe are those I use when working at home, grinding and polishing entirely by hand. Toward the end of rough grinding, start using shorter strokes to produce a smoother, more spherical curve. There are several ways to support the mirror on a grinding and polishing machine turntable, but first make sure the turntable itself is rigid. If the tool is too thin, it will bend while you are grinding, presenting two problems. Each time you take the mirror off for testing, put it back in the same orientation and let it sit again for a few hours. This stuff hardens like stone! The last time I checked late , pieces 16" diameter by 1. Instead, pull the tool three-fourths of the way off, then lift the tool up. At times I've been annoyed with the changing figure of a plate glass mirror under these conditions. When you order from a company, specify the diameter rough round and thickness. It's paradoxical that something inferior i. The best way I know is to support it on a piece of deep shag carpet. Smear a release agent on your mirror so that excess epoxy will not stick. Remember, if you tell them what it's for people love telescopes-promise them a look through it , many businesses will bend over backward to help you. Why has this happened?

Lap grind

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The avid and somewhat uncritical acceptance of standard - thickness glass in the early years of telescope making - plus some notable failures with thinner glass - gave the general impression that telescope primaries much thinner than 6 to 1 were unmanageable. Usually, this is not a severe problem, but you'll find the mirror requires extra polishing to polish the center.

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