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Ignatius high school students, Revolution, entertained from the bandshell. The tornado rapidly dissipated after hitting these homes and was completely off the ground by the time the storm moved to Bolander Road just west of Clay Center. The winds were strong, rain began to fall and you could hear the trees screaching against the wind. The storm weakened slightly as it reached Collins road just east of Pemberville Road. I found out later it was a classmate, Greta Schwartz.

Lakewood ohio tornado

The storm reach its peak intensity on the northwest side of Millbury as it crossed Millbury Rd. EF3 intensity damage on the south end of Toledo Metcalf airport. Later in July of , another transitional event occurred. I said to the guys maybe we should wait before we start our trek to Lakewood Park. The tornado crossed St. The tornado intensified one more time as it took a southeast turn and hit some homes at the corner of Trowbridge Road and Reiman Road. Rte and headed down Moline - Martin Road. The winds were strong, rain began to fall and you could hear the trees screaching against the wind. The tornado with EF4 intensity winds throws cars like toys. We headed toward the city truck and got into the cab as that was the only protection from the storm. Intensity was still EF3 at this point. I found out later it was a classmate, Greta Schwartz. The storm is still at EF3 intensity. Many recall local radio personality Wayne Mack was at the Lakewood Park bandshell serving as master of ceremonies. The tornado began to intensify in this area to an EF2 intensity. Some time in the middle to end of June the regular City workers went on strike. Greta Schwartz had graduated from Lakewood High when she was only sixteen. A classic tornado signature. The park filled as the music played. Lakewood Park lost over trees. School Board member Favre recalls the W. With these wind speeds entire homes are destroyed with nothing left standing. The tornado entered this area as an EF1. We headed toward the park to begin setting up the chairs and getting the area around the concert stage prepared for the evening concert. She had been a majorette in the Lakewood High School Marching Band and thoroughly enjoyed her role in leading the Ranger Band onto the field during football games and in other venues. Reports were over , lost power according to the Historical Society. Winds around mph are required to collapse these high tension power poles.

Lakewood ohio tornado

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Lightning Storm - Lakewood, Ohio. 5/22/14

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