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This list should give you a good idea of the hardware and OS requirements to be able to fully test your service. Being on the tundra, there are no road or cars. Half of teacher housing and the school is the only running water available. Basic Facts There are - residents in the village and most refer to the village as "Kong" Transportation is different in the village. Since everything comes to the village by barge or plane, the prices can get pretty high on basic necessities like milk and toilet paper.


For best results you should connect your computer directly to your modem without using a wireless router. You can delete emails by dragging them to the Trash or save important emails in your folders without clicking through multiple menus. If there is a router between your modem and your computer, the connection speed you experience can often depend on the model and configuration of that router. One Click Contact Creation It's one easy step add a contact while you are viewing a message. Control how and what is displayed on your messages as well as see how much of your email storage is being used. Plus there are many variables that impact your wireless signal performance. The Kong airstrip is right in-between the two parts of town and is completely outside. Customize Your Filter Strength Set them to high, maximum, or turn them off. Computer hardware, operating systems and other software installed, processor speed, memory and network interface card types can all impact speed test results. Being on the tundra, there are no road or cars. What do I do now? If you would like to try and improve your speed test results, we recommend the following: Certain routers are able to pass data to your computer more quickly than others. GCI, like many Internet Service Providers, cannot guarantee that specific speeds will always be achievable. The results depend on various factors including, but not limited to: Housing - which is made up of new houses built for the residents, and DownTown - the part of the village that includes the stores, churches, laundry, as well as residential housing. Drag and Drop Messages Sort messages into folders by clicking and dragging them to the desired folder. Perform speed tests with your computer directly connected to your modem. Here are some highlights to help you get started. The small planes, and outside airstrip, can be chilly at time. Results Why do different computers in my home get different results? When traveling to the village always dress warm. For example, wireless routers using the There are several small businesses and corporations in the village, including: Bypass any routers including Wi-Fi by connecting your computer directly to the cable modem via an Ethernet cable. For additional instructions and information, please visit our support page located here. Occasionally, electronic equipment needs to be restarted to function at its best.


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Half of teacher housing and the school is the only running water available. What do I do now?

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