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You have years of life experiences, professional skills, and passions that you could share with thousands of interested readers. Writing well is a necessary survival skill. What mental, physical, or emotional skills do you possess that others would benefit from? Even if you hate what you write or get stuck, just write something. Many self-published authors skip this step, but it is so important.

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None of the overall sales ranks for these few books was under 50, Eventually you can work up to a minimum words a day goal for yourself — like words. You can always come back to refine and edit later. What problems or challenges have you successfully managed or overcome? Start small in the beginning — maybe write for five minutes a day at the same time of day for a week or so. You can also find Facebook groups, forums, and other online groups where you can read what people are discussing related to your topic. Are you looking to build your reputation, expand your business, create an additional income stream, or simply share your passion with the world? The cover is the first impression of your book, and people do judge your book by it. What life transitions, big changes, or common life stages have you recently undergone? Keep your goal in mind as you narrow down a topic for your book. What mental, physical, or emotional skills do you possess that others would benefit from? It tells you there are thousands of people a month on Google searching for information about putting together their own will. Not only will this help you determine the need in the marketplace, but also it will give you great information for the content of your book. Just because you CAN self-publish, what compelling reason is there for you to actually do it? Where do you have experience or expertise? Go to the Kindle store, and type in your keywords or phrase. Type in your keywords or keyword phrases related to your sub-niche. If you have design skills yourself, you can create the cover using stock images or graphics. You can also visit a site called Merchant Words to look up keywords that rank on Amazon. What passions or strong interests have you pursued now or in the past? Take a look at the list of books in your sub-niche to see which ones rank the highest. Putting the research together. It could be one of the reasons listed previously. If you have a blog, a mailing list of followers, or a strong social media presence, consider surveying these people to find out their level of interest in your potential topic. You need another set of eyes on your book to trim the fluff, correct mistakes, and make sure it flows properly. So what does this information tell you? For example, rather than writing a book on solving relationship problems, you might write on dealing with financial conflict in marriage.

Kindle the passion academy login

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Type in your keywords or keyword phrases related to your sub-niche. Take your top three or four best ideas, and try to narrow the topics further into sub-niches.

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