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If the answer to the above Interrogatory is in the affirmative, please state the dates of these restrictions, suspensions or terminations and describe the adjusted clinical and surgical privileges Defendant, Raymond A. He was drug-and alcohol-dependent and undergoing treatment, and that his admittance to practice in Ohio was probationary. Health filed a motion requesting summary judgment. Morehead and in the possession or control of the Florida Board of Medicine. Morehead and in the possession or control of Brawner Psychiatric Institute. Health Corporation of Southern Ohio.

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Health filed a supplement to their motion for summary judgment. He argued that the requested material was not germane to the issue of negligence and that the real reason for the requested material was an attempt to circumvent the state Peer Review Statutes. Morehead and in the possession or control of Doyle O. A signed release form is enclosed. On August 20, , U. Tatsumi , 46 Ohio St. Copies of any and all diplomas, certificates or other documentation with respect to Defendant, Raymond A. Obviously, some of this appears to be discoverable, and some clearly is not. Please identify each and every committee of Defendant, U. How many vascular procedures did Defendant, Raymond A. The court did not indicate the grounds for granting the order in the first place, nor the reason for expanding it. Complete copies of all other applications for clinical and or surgical privileges submitted by Defendant, Raymond A. This appeal involves two cases in which summary judgment was granted by the Common Pleas Court of Scioto County. Copies of any and all written communications between U. Health Corporation of Southern Ohio, which were in effect in , with respect to the granting or renewal of clinical and surgical privileges to physicians. A complete copy of Defendant, Raymond A. State the full name, address and position of the person or persons answering these Interrogatories and supply the same for anyone who assisted in their preparation designating by number which Interrogatories were answered by each person in whole or in part. Copies of the consent forms pertaining to any and all surgical procedures performed on Plaintiff, Robert Ratliff, by Defendant, Raymond A. Health On June 10, , Ratliff sent the following interrogatories to U. Copies of any and all brochures, pamphlets, advertisements, circulars, press releases, etc. On September 3, , the court granted summary judgment to both defendants. Copies of any and all written communications between Defendant, U. This is not unusual, right? Ratliff moved the trial court to direct Satiani to provide the exact number on the grounds that it was evidence that Scioto Memorial had constructive knowledge of the quality of Morehead's work. Satiani on deposition whether he had an opinion regarding the quality of care Dr.

Kalb app

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He also argued that the requested material was an attempt to circumvent the Peer Review Statute.

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