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Flex-a-lite also offers a direct-fit TJ oil cooler kit as an option, which we chose for this transplant. None of the Jeep 4. Cooling is critical in any Jeep V-8 swap. Old-School You could use the electronically controlled automatic 4L60E that came in the donor car if you really want a juice tranny. After any firewall clearance issues are handled and the engine frame mounts are in position, we spent a couple hours cleaning and painting the engine compartment.

Jeep wrangler tj 350 conversion kit

Kit is plug-and-play with its own CPU and easy-to-follow detailed instructions. Casey used his favorite adjustment tool to flatten a body seam that is too close to the TH case. Share this Bruce W. Make sure your used LS1 comes with all of the sensors, including idle air control and throttle position TP sensors on the throttle body shown , the knock sensors under the intake manifold , and the pigtails, along with the coil packs and throttle body sensors shown. Advance Adapters makes mating an LS1 inside a Jeep TJ engine compartment easy with these custom-fabricated engine mounts. Transplanting engines has been around since the dawn of powered vehicles, and when it comes to ditching one engine for another in Jeeps, well, there are more combinations than there are trails to wheel. Those are the common denominators among Jeep owners who dream of slipping a healthy V-8 into the engine bay of their 4. The LS1 V-8 is pounds lighter than the 4. Everything is there to easily make the early LS1s those using a tooth crank sensor run perfectly happy in a TJ. Our engine frame mounts are tack-welded in place until the final fitment of the engine. The engine is in. Part 2 will cover engine wiring and programing, gauges, driveshafts, and the exhaust system so we can fire up the LS1 and take our TJ for a test drive. We like things to look nice and neat. It works slick with the CTS-V accessory drive, providing just the right amount of fan-to-engine clearance. Eric Dunks helps snake the 4. The TransLife kit includes a six-pass transmission cooler and the brackets necessary to easily install the cooler directly to the vehicle. The cutting of the wings leave plenty of room to bolt on a custom exhaust system when the LS1 is in its new home. It allows you to shift into front-wheel-drive low-range, which can be beneficial in really tight off-road maneuvering situations and in snow. Using an auxiliary transmission cooler brings the cooling outside of the radiator side tank for better cooling. They cut them off and yank the engine. The engine checked in excellent condition, saving us serious coin by not having to do a complete rebuild. Salvage yards remove engines in the fastest, easiest way possible and seldom, if ever, take time to unplug wiring harnesses. A little hydraulic scissor lift table is a godsend when doing this type of work. The rainbow is a good omen. The accessory drive kit provides maximum space between the engine and the radiator. The radiator is in. In this first of a two-part story, we focused on the finer aspects of removing the old Jeep 4.

Jeep wrangler tj 350 conversion kit

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Jeep Wrangler TJ V8 conversion Ford 302 EFI

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However, to keep costs down and reduce any electrical-related transmission issues on the trail, we opted to go old-school with a GM TH

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