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Since we only had a one hour connection in Narita I was starting to get a little nervous. My wife slept 5. There was no WiFi on this flight. Most of the Movies,TV shows and audio CD library was in Japanese, There was enough Hollywood movies mostly new releases and a few classics to keep me entertained on an 11 hour flight, but maybe just if flying one-way which we did. There was a Japanese option as well as a Western one. I was equally impressed with the Dreamliner.


My wife slept 5. While the quality of the hand towels were not the best most Asian carriers have cloth towels in the lavs they were lavatories were extremely clean and had toothpaste and toothbrushes if needed. Nonetheless, I was still impressed. Announcements were made in Japanese and English and a few times in Thai. There was even a lumbar support control button. The announcement to board was a little late and we waited for some additional minutes at the gate area. Of course on the you do not need to press any buttons to flush the toilet. There was a self-serve set up between galleys that had a few sweets and Japanese packaged salty snacks. Neither was appealing to me so I ordered off the anytime menu. Headphones were also provided, but these were not noise canceling. Not exactly what I wanted to hear when we had a series of flights and destinations we were visiting in Thailand and beyond. On the positive side the bread was from Maison Kayser and was excellent and I again was able to order a side of rice. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the gate the flight was delayed 40 minutes. There was a Japanese option as well as a Western one. In fact, they were poor quality and disappointing for what you would expect to receive on a 6 hr plus flight. The TV screen is a generous There was a further few minute delay and when boarding finally started it was a little chaotic, but the staff did a good job to ensure Business Class passengers boarded first. Unless you had very long legs, you would have to ask them to bring their seat up to allow you to exit. One forward and two in-between the cabins in the galley. This made me much happier and was a great way to finish an enjoyable meal. There was the same amount of content, but the programming was slightly different could have been the prior months line-up. I was equally impressed with the Dreamliner. I liked the color scheme of the cloth seats and cabin very much. We only had an hour or so to catch our flight to Bangkok and I knew we had to clear security again. I had a cup of Ramen soup which was quite good.


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Arrival Tokyo JAL 65 (brand new Boeing 787)

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22.11.2017 at 10:12 pm

I have always liked this custom when departing Japanese Airports and was pleased to see it was being honored in San Diego.

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