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The name NERF actually comes from a strange source—drag racing. The designers realized that they were onto something and began developing a whole line of games based on foam balls. Lonnie Johnson invented the very popular and successful Super Soaker in , which was brought to market in by toy company Larami. Toy Rocket Launchers With a manual air pump that is tied to a base with a pressure tube, a rocket can be launched with just air thanks to this invention. All of this extra firepower has come at a price, though. The company decided to market just the ball as its own toy. Reyn Guyer held onto it. What matters most is that Nerf guns, just like laser tag guns , are awesome toys for both kids and adults.

Inventor of nerf

Velcro -tipped in order to stick to Nerf vests, tipped with suction cups designed to stick to smooth surfaces, streamlined to fit in magazines, some able to whistle in flight, or a color variation, such as camouflage, color swap, and glow in the dark. Or who invented the Nerf gun? In , Reyn Guyer , a Minnesota-based games inventor, came to the company with a volleyball game that was safe for indoor play, and after studying it carefully, Parker Brothers decided to eliminate everything but the foam ball. Before the Super Soaker was brought to market, Lonnie Johnson filed several patents in relation to the technology behind the water gun. Nerf has since tried hard to not only make their blasters more sophisticated but to also optimize the darts for best shooting performance. Nerf blasters are ever growing in popularity with new models and series coming out frequently. He approached Parker Brothers later to bring this foam ball to market and in the Nerf Ball was officially introduced. With the Nerf Ball, Reyn Guyer laid the foundation for the Nerf Gun 20 years later, and he is by many regarded as the inventor of the Nerf gun. Plus, a contest to win a bunch of awesome NERF products—see details below! The use of darts instead of foam balls turned out to be a successful move. All of this extra firepower has come at a price, though. The first product, the Heartbreaker bow , was released in Fall Released back in as part of the Original Nerf Series, the spring-powered Sharpshooter was the only Nerf blaster to use Sharpshooter darts that would later evolve into Mega darts. Everyone of course has their own opinion and preference, but we have tried to compile a list of some of the best Nerf guns available on the market today. A key part of NERF's early advertising was the line "Throw it indoors; you can't damage lamps or break windows. The 90s saw Nerf further expand its array of blasters into guns that fired missiles, balls, and suction-cup darts. Hasbro is currently still the owner of the Nerf brand and all Nerf blaster models, with Parker Brothers a subsidiary of Hasbro. Nerf Lazer Tag Nerf is not just about shooting with foam darts and balls. Zombie Strike is geared for fans of Humans vs. Parker Brothers made the original Nerf balls by spinning foam on a lathe and cutting it with a piece of hot wire. He fine-tuned this invention over the years so that it could be used on a variety of devices, including DLP and LCD technology. He got his first prototype constructed at home in , put the nozzle in the bathtub, and a huge stream of powerful water blasted out. Each year his family uses it as an ornament on their Christmas tree. What matters most is that Nerf guns, just like laser tag guns , are awesome toys for both kids and adults. In , the Nerf brand merged with the Super Soaker brand see below. In the comments, tell us your favorite summertime NERF memory. The most memorable of these line extensions was surely the Nerf football, which bounced onto the scene in

Inventor of nerf

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Culture Shift Pictures & Stories: Lonnie Johnson; Inventor of the Nerf Gun and Super Soaker

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The product you know as the Super Soaker was originally called the Power Drencher. A tough market, with ever evolving smartphone technology.

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