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I thought nothing of it though. I heard her footsteps reach the stairs and as quick as I could towards her so she wouldn't see the broken window in my room that I have yet to fix. The shadows from us were making it feel uncomfortable. Around the side is an old rock pool that no one goes to since it's always too cold. I didn't think of her differently anymore.


She's only eight but if me and her were in that situation Mandy would be supporting me so I didn't fall. She killed him, and she said he was a great father! Luckily no one was here so if I did touch water no one would be around to witness. She's a murderer, shouldn't she be in jail? She would need someone right now. I inched forward to catch a glimpse of Carly throwing the crab in the water roughly. I realized I had to be more careful- the ocean is taking control over me. The water was begging me to enter it. As Carly put the rock into the water I watched as Nicky held her sister by the hips so she wouldn't fall in. I looked at how protective and supportive Nicky is of Carly. I sniffed back the little traitor tears and wiped my cheeks. Her sister held out a small crab in her palm. That's weird normally Sam, Quil and Jared always think about their imprints scent. I had a feeling that it was that huge grey wolf I had noticed earlier today. In fact all of his friends that sit on the back table, minus Kim, had heartbeats that were faster than humans. Especially how long it would take me to get dry again and I'm sure Carly wouldn't want to wait for me to grow my legs back again. And I think I love her even more now, now to convince her that. Still no one home I could smell her sister Carly's scent. The shadows from us were making it feel uncomfortable. It looked like she was heading around the side of the cliff tops were the pack cliff jumps. She did take the crab from its home. Why are you being so hypercritical? I walked over to Carly to see the struggling crab in her arms. I found a crab! I could smell Carly so clearly but I could never smell Nicky. Want to go somewhere?


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It's so hard to put into words because I can't read their emotions like an empathic-person but I can read their emotions by the movement in the water. Around the side is an old rock pool that no one goes to since it's always too cold.

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