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Remember that they wouldn't be doing this if they didn't feel hurt or afraid in some way. I also recommend you do the following things when someone is giving you the cold shoulder: Know who you can call upon, where you can stay, and save enough money to give you a cushion if you need one. Get your copy of this audio program now, and your self esteem will be so strong that nobody can ever manipulate you again by shutting you out! While both parties are responsible for creating healthy communication in a relationship, no one ever deserves to be ignored, and you didn't agree to this type of passive-aggressive communication. Wyatt Fisher, a marriage counselor in Boulder, CO. Keep reading for the rest of the story. Finding Healthier Ways to Communicate This means you'll need to learn some healthier ways to confront issues, too, and learning takes time. That is, unless you really don't like the person who has shut you out--but if that was the case you probably wouldn't even be reading this web page.

Handle silent treatment

Consider whether you too might be trying to control the relationship more than your partner is comfortable with. Every time you think of the person who has shut you out, send them love and appreciation, focusing on their very best qualities. What you do and don't do matters, especially to those close to you. Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend how much you care about them, and how important they are to you. But the silent treatment, when structured, is a part of research-supported Behavioral Couples Therapy. Take Time to Cool Off During a time of silence both partners should pause to reflect on what led up to the silent treatment episode, especially if it was preceded by an argument, fight, or emotional outburst. If you're on the receiving end you may feel frustrated and angry, so take a cooling-off period to get a breath and calm down. A goal of making another person do what you want will never work in the long run! Other times, my silence is merely a way for me to create the space I need to process my feelings. What is the silent treatment? Take responsibility for your behavior, and be aware of the effects it has on those around you. Apologize if you're truly sorry. Keep reading for the rest of the story. When this happens, I do what feels natural and try to take it back: It doesn't fix the problem! Other Ways to Address the Problem The majority of arguments don't start because of what is said. Once you define what the event means—to you, not to him—you're ready to answer the next question. This is very true. Think kind thoughts of them in your mind. And, believe it or not, the silent treatment is associated with anxiety and aggression as well as physiological effects such as urinary, bowel or erectile dysfunction. Sounds extreme but let me explain. Being heard and seen is one of our basic needs as humans. Admit and acknowledge any wrongs that may have caused offense and apologize sincerely. Then they should come back together at an agreed-upon time when they are relaxed to talk through the conflict. As you learn, so will your partner, but it won't be on your timeline, so focus on progress, because perfection's still a long, long way off.

Handle silent treatment

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Narcissists Silent Treatment 6 Tips To End It FOREVER

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