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The signs are just not compatible. The reason why they are said to have split for good was because neither of them wanted to settle down and Leo has definitely been true to that statement as he regularly goes from one supermodel to the next even though he's not aging as well as we thought he would. They always put a great deal of effort to acquire what they want. It's a good thing that she's a Virgo because only a laid-back Virgo could put up with his Scorpio antics. However, their different attitudes and outlooks on life will eventually create friction between them. Virgo — August 23rd — September 22nd This sign is good at solving problems because they always keep calm and have a good preparation. It just goes to show that zodiac signs aren't everything when it comes to relationships.

Geminis compatible sign

Leigh engaged in numerous affairs and suffered multiple nervous breakdowns and though they loved each other very much, they were known to become violent with each other. However, the rest of these celebrity relationships are proof that Gemini and Scorpio couples are just not meant to be. Geminis have their feet firmly on the ground, while Pisceans love expressing their creativity. Find out the best secrets to romantic success , chat with an expert. One celebrity couple on the list managed to stay together until the wife's untimely death but only because her husband was royalty--there was a dark underbelly to their relationship that no one knew about. They love traveling and discovering new things in life. Additionally, thanks to their charm, they could attain successes in any job and make great friends. Ouch, that had to hurt. None of those relationships panned out and it's easy to see why. The actress struggled with mental illness which caused her life to be wrought with struggles. Gemini — May 21st — June 20th The Geminis are famous for their communicative ability with lots of people. These people are born to become excellent leaders thanks to these above traits. Unfortunately, Scorpios and Geminis are bound to butt heads more often than not. Here are some long lasting couples where one is Gemini or Scorpio and the other is neither: Their differences of opinion will eventually tear them apart. This pair will get on like a house of fire at the beginning, but their very different characters will eventually drive them apart. Before Cibrian left his wife for the singer, they were married for eight years and had two sons together. However, their different attitudes and outlooks on life will eventually create friction between them. We'll just have to wait and see. Capricorn — Gemini Capricorn and Gemini aren't on the same page Capricorns love analyzing situations and thinking things through before jumping into anything. Aries — March 21st — April 19th The Aries are quite powerful, brave, straightforward, and enthusiastic. These two may be able to make it work, however, since their signs are so compatible. It's a good thing that she's a Virgo because only a laid-back Virgo could put up with his Scorpio antics. The only reason why any of these people are still in the news is because of their constant bad-mouthing each other to the press. What Zodiac Sign Am I?

Geminis compatible sign

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Gemini Love Compatibility: Gemini Sign Compatibility Guide!

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Their differences are too great for them to be compatible. Rafaeli, however, did end up settling down in with an Israeli businessman named Adi Ezra Capricorn.

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