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They are generally 2 to 3 ft. They have the ill disposition and ugly appearance of goblins, but the glamour of the faeries. Originally supernatural beings in Scandinavian folklore, later they became huge ogres with great strength and little wit. Most old homes have a boggart. They adore gifts of quartz crystal, pearl, moonstone, and silver. They are born of the same seed as the place they live. Their only interest seems to revolve around playing practical jokes on humans.

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Like elves and coomlaens, they have an aversion to iron. Taking mortal lovers, their offspring are covered with scales. In contrast, in some stories that are told about them, phoukas that are treated kindly are known as friendly beings that help farmers. They are Water sprites that inhabit lakes and seldom venture onto land. A supernatural being or creature that is very hardy. Their weapons are made of stone, shaped like a barbed arrowhead, and thrown with great force like a dart. The wild banshee wanders through the woods and over the moors at dusk, and some- times lures travelers to their death. They adore gifts of food and drink such as milk and honey cakes, but abhor gifts and wages. They are very intelligent and extremely rare. Living on the tops of high places such as mountains and cliffs, slyphs vary in size, are winged, transparent, elusive, and surrounded by a glowing radiance. They can also levitate and move tiny objects from one place to another. As Elemental Water spirits usually found within forest pools, waterfalls, marshlands, rivers, lakes, and riding the ocean waves, the beautiful voices of the undines can sometimes drift above the sound of the water. They appear in human form, dressed in green, and are called the peaceful faeries. Male gnomes grow long beards. Their only interest seems to revolve around playing practical jokes on humans. They are closer to the traditional concept of a mermaid, and are the marine counterparts of leprechauns. They are vulnerable to iron and gold. These benevolent faeries give gifts of bread and seed corn to the poor and pro- vide all kinds of help to their favorite mortals. They are dark, malevolent faeries, who have excessive pride, are unkind, and have malicious ways. A farmer who gained the favor of this magickal cow was said to be richly rewarded, but the farmer who tried to lift a hand to hurt the animal would find misfortune would come to the farmer. They are the Highland water horses known for being fierce and dangerous. Often traveling in pairs, nymphs are mobile, but they can also permanently align themselves with trees, rock outcroppings, mountains, rivers, and springs. They appear as a horse, donkey, large dog, or calf. Very shy, delicate, and reclusive, sprites are winged spirits that dwell in meadows and wood- land glens. They are known for charm spells that convince humans to do their bidding.

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Brownies also love animals and will take care of the household pets.

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