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Try pulling the foreskin back really slowly. My foreskin stinks Medically known as smegma bacillus , this is a naturally occurring white or waxy deposit that is secreted by the penis glands. Circumcision involves the removal of the hood of loose skin that houses the penis head. It's not a huge deal to put on a condom if you can't pull back your foreskin. Next Steps Chat about this subject on our Discussion Boards. If not, then your foreskin is a bit tight.

Foreskin wont pull back when erect

There may also be a thick discharge underneath the foreskin. It can also be caused by a number of different skin conditions, including: In difficult cases, it may be necessary to make a small slit in the foreskin to help relieve the pressure. A word of warning: Try pulling the foreskin back really slowly. It causes the glans to become painful and swollen and requires emergency medical treatment to avoid serious complications, such as increased pain, swelling and restricted blood flow to the penis. When surgery may be needed Surgery may be needed if a child or adult has severe or persistent balanitis or balanoposthitis that causes their foreskin to be painfully tight. It's important to be diligent about this and do it every day, but don't stretch too hard such that you rip or cause tears in your foreskin, as that'll scar up and make things worse in the long-run. Ideally you'd want to be able to pull your foreskin back, put on the condom, then go at it - but that'll have to wait until your foreskin's fully loosened link 7. Read more about treating balanitis. In adults, phimosis can occasionally be associated with sexually transmitted infections STIs. If you combine the cream you doctor then prescribes with the stretching exercises above, the whole process will be quicker and easier. The freshly-exposed penis head may be sore or sensitive for some time. Back to Health A-Z Tight foreskin phimosis and paraphimosis Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back over the head of the penis glans. My foreskin stinks Medically known as smegma bacillus , this is a naturally occurring white or waxy deposit that is secreted by the penis glands. When phimosis is a problem Phimosis isn't usually a problem unless it causes symptoms such as redness, soreness or swelling. Immediate treatment is needed in cases where phimosis causes problems such as difficulty urinating. In severe cases of paraphimosis, circumcision may be recommended. The foreskin of some boys can take longer to separate, but this doesn't mean there's a problem — it'll just detach at a later stage. Balanoposthitis can also sometimes be treated by following simple hygiene measures, such as keeping the penis clean by regularly washing it with water and a mild soap or moisturiser. Alternatively, surgery to release the adhesions areas where the foreskin is stuck to the glans may be possible. See links 1 and 2 for good detailed instructions on what to do. Applying natural yoghurt can also relieve the pain. In very severe cases, a lack of blood flow to the penis can cause tissue death gangrene and surgical removal of the penis may be necessary. Take your child to see your GP if they have these type of symptoms.

Foreskin wont pull back when erect

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How To Pull Back Foreskin

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If left unwashed, it can collect under the warm, moist hood of the foreskin and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

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