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The same applies for your man. An excellent hand job tip for finishing your man off is to start playing with his frenulum only when he is about to cum. That is all going to change! Try this technique the next time you and your man shower together. Take his balls into your mouth while using your hand s to milk him. In the bathroom when he is getting ready for the day or just before bed. Make sure to keep your touch super light and soft as you trail your fingers up and down his penis. In fact, I am visiting a woman today, late 30s, maybe 40, that I met two weeks ago, had sex with, and had her give me a hand job after the sex, and before I left, as I was getting aroused again…and, honestly, it was pitiful!

Explosive orgasms

Here are three hand job ideas to try on his frenulum Run your fingertips lightly over it. I highly recommend using lots of lube for this one. Of course, you can changes things up too, by varying the amount of pressure you apply. Have your partner lube up the soft pad of a finger and stick it about 2 inches inside your butt. How does that feel? So, instead of just grabbing his penis and starting to give him a hand job, move your fingertips gently over it. Sneaking into a bathroom together at a party. For more tips on massaging his prostate, make sure to check out the Prostate Massage Guide here. Now, you may be wondering what the best hand job technique is. Anilingus Hand Job If you are just figuring out how to give a hand job to your man for the first time, then you may want to skip this next tip. Try to do this two or three times before letting yourself go. This is probably the easiest thing you can do to turn him on and arouse him. Keep your nails free of sharp edges that may hurt him. Think about it like this: Here are some hand job techniques you can use to stimulate the head and the tip. Where he shoots his load How much pressure to apply 1. Many guys feel the same when you are giving them a hand job or blow job. For more on finishing your man off so that he screams out in pleasure, check out these techniques from my guide on giving great head. How fast or slow he jerks himself off. Otherwise, you may injure him. So make sure that you use light enough pressure that your hands pass over the skin of his penis with ease without actually grabbing the skin. If you are trying out a new hand job technique on your man, try starting slowly. Keep your hands moisturized, so they stay soft. Without applying much pressure, rotate one hand in a clockwise direction around his penis while rotating your other hand in an anti-clockwise direction. Here are some super erotic ways to do it. The same applies for your man. If he is standing, get down on your knees and take his balls into your mouth.

Explosive orgasms

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Explosive orgasms

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If you want to try it in the spur of the moment, then saliva can be a good alternative. For more on finishing your man off so that he screams out in pleasure, check out these techniques from my guide on giving great head.

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