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What is the wackiest thing you have done and then got caught by your parents? So what are you waiting for? Sleep with someone you've had a crush on or steal an item you've wanted your whole life? Let's get right to it. At sleepovers or whenever you're hanging out with friends, nothing beats this fun game. Wear a girl's lipstick or lip gloss and kiss her entire face.

Erotic truth or dare

Just remember, you'll get to ask your friends to do something bold as well, when their time comes. Who is the youngest person you've had sex with? Top 20 Hot Sexual Dares Here are the 20 hot sexual dares of top 20 sexual truth or dare questions. Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing an underwear? Who is the oldest person you've had sex with? Describe the sexiest dream you've ever had. You can take help from someone here. PartyJoys Staff Last Updated: Doesn't that sound fun? Have you ever kissed someone of the same gender? If you had only a few hours to live, what would you do first? What is the most craziest thing you have ever done in public? Run through the house naked for 2 minutes. This article is for adults only, due to the content provided below. It's just going to be you and your friends, basically having a ball of a time. Have you ever lied to your partner to avoid an intimate moment? Mar 19, Disclaimer: What is the shortest time it has taken you to orgasm? Otherwise, you'll have a whole lot of mess to fix once the game has started. Climb on the table, let your hair loose if a girl , and sing a sexy song, and perform. Keep a piece of fruit on someone's belly button and eat it in the most sensual way. Now, weren't these some amazing naughty truth or dare ideas?! Spank or get spanked. Describe your most sexiest outfit and why do you like to wear it? Sleep with someone you've had a crush on or steal an item you've wanted your whole life? What is the silliest thing you have said to your partner, while being intimate?

Erotic truth or dare

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Sexy Truth or Sexy Dare - Sex House - Ep. 2

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Who is the oldest person you've had sex with?

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