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In the Paris version of the ride, the dialogue is the same but translated into French as well as English. When the ride transitioned yet again into the current attraction of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin in , the first window was refitted with the diorama of the hair salon , and the second left open to look into the new attraction, though concern was expressed over the fact that this view allows TTA riders to look directly into banks of high-powered blacklights. It is more heavily based on the opening sequence of Toy Story 2 , taking place on the planet where Zurg has his lair set up, and featuring the same style of robots as in the film. The remaining installations use an omnimover system by Sansei Yusoki. Each ship has a red and green blaster on each side. This space was then unused until , when Astro Blasters opened.

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The next room is similar to Space Ranger Spin. Guests can shoot aliens including a call back to the pterodactyl that belongs to Sid Phillips in the First Toy Story Film. At the conclusion of the ride, the digital score flashes L1-L7 displaying the ranking or level achieved for the below scores: Delta sponsored the attraction until January , when, due to financial reasons and sponsorship of the Summer Olympics , they withdrew their sponsorship. Then the unload area shows Buzz Lightyear thanking the guests while holding Zurg in the claw. The Green Squadron are helping Buzz take down the ship. As well as Buzz being there using his laser. An orange robot called the Box O Bot and a blue and purple robot called the Giganto bot are present in this scene as well as the dogbot and egg shaped green one called the Batterybot. A digital readout on the dashboard shows the player's score. Guests then enter a light tunnel with Zs around it. Guests exit the ride to Little Green Men's Store command. Eastern Airlines dropped sponsorship of the ride for financial reasons in early June The only way to view the actual score after surpassing , points is by e-mailing the onboard photo. The Little green men help Buzz tear it apart. He is about to shoot Green Planet. In the Fast Pass line, there is a picture of Buzz Lightyear shooting a purple, green and orange colored alien. Some areas of the ride provide both dialogues, but in the scene where Zurg's weapon is half-destroyed, it switches from English to French in a 6 dialogue loop as it does in the California version of the ride. There is also a green goo shooting Volcano. At that time, If You Had Wings was the attraction occupying the south show building. He later uses it in his speech about what the guests must do. While his body is audio-animatronic, Buzz's face is actually a screen with a projection of computer animation, allowing better lipsync and more expressive features, making him look like a more realistic representation of the character from the films. However, it is an easy to miss tribute. This was done because the windows no longer correctly lined up with show scenes. The ride then slopes down a short hill into Planet Z. Window two looked into the Parisian Excursion scene, from a viewpoint which heavily distorted the tableau's forced perspective. It has pictures of The green squadron leaving to attack. Technical aspects[ edit ] "Astro Blasters" and "Space Ranger Spin" are equal parts shooting gallery and dark ride.

Dating buz

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In the Fast Pass line, there is a picture of Buzz Lightyear shooting a purple, green and orange colored alien. Video monitors are displayed on some of those walls.

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