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IF you have questions, feel free to call our Executive Director, Janie Hopper at evenings after 6 p. If you are looking for an Abyssinian who is well-mannered, outgoing, affectionate, social, and cute as a button then Sadie might make a good choice! She came to us in August to get help finding a new home. Redding, CA 4 year old ruddy spayed female Abyssinian named Xena. Declawed on all 4 paws, gets along well with other cats and dogs. Like most Abys, he is never far from your side, and yes, he will sleep in the bed with you. I have special needs, I am deaf, but most of all I am looking for someone to love me. He will take some time to acclimate to a new home and so wants a nice calm existence, with lots of bird watching and interactive play with his new person. Let me live with you and I won't let you down.

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I need another home as my mom will be moving into a retirement facility and they won't allow me to come, wah, wah. When he was born his mom tried to kill him and bit his tail off. Gato de Soleil Cairo is his name. Alice is not a cat for everyone. He does well with my daughter, has never shown any signs of aggression towards her, but is obviously afraid of her and runs away if she tries to pet him. He is less reasonable about other cats, so needs to go into a home that has a cat-friendly gentle dog, or only-cat home. Since I love him, I need to know that he will go to a forever home where he will have the good life that I wished I could have given him. To the right home, a tax deductible donation will be accepted in lieu of the standard adoption fee. The vet's office immediately contacted us and asked us to take in this precious girl. We do NOT ship cats. Whittier, CA 10 yr old ruddy female Abyssinian. He's three years old, neutered. His original family purchased him from a breeder at the age of 5 months, and until recently he led a very happy life, which for an Abyssinian means being totally involved with his family. I am looking for a new home. They are very close and my hope is to find a home that will take them both. It's so sad I was abandoned by my previous home. She does have an allergic skin condition, mild, which is easily controlled. Ricky would be best as an only cat or with a very docile companion kitty. Oh, he even likes to sit on shoulders. She is extremely affectionate. At her foster home she currently lives with one dog and three cats. They would like to be adopted as a pair. I need a home where I can get plenty of love and attention. We have no info about how Apples came to be in the So California shelter where we found her. We are confident that if Sadie found a loving home who can keep up with her medical needs, she would make a wonderful, fun, and loyal companion. He's unhappy, as are the other cats.

Craigs list davenport fl

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She will, however, be quite pleased if you approach her.

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