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In this case, where Ryan and Susan live. Where necessary, boiler plate information files have been developed for common questions requiring answers with multiple topic files. The first thing we have to answer is the question of legal custody. He can check the box next to petitioner. I like to think of it as legal separation being identical to a divorce, except it stops one step before a divorce.

Contra costa county divorce forms

In this case, John is going to ask for joint legal custody, meaning he would like to share the decision making with Jane. One of the big differences between the current form vs. Child Custody and Visitation FL So we have 10 months because the 16th is before the 24th. The following problems have significantly been addressed by this program: Medical decisions, childcare, extracurricular activities, the day-to-day parenting decisions that you would think about making when it involves children. John lives at Rose Street in San Ramon. If not, always remember the date is above your printed name. More detail is better than less detail. So whether or not you want child support from your spouse, or whether or not you want to pay child support to your spouse, this issue automatically applies. Child support is going to go until he graduates in May or June — or whenever it is that he graduates from high school that year. Inefficiency and poor use of limited court resources: The information is provided via attachments to the e-mail response. However, this section indicates that the court has the ability to make a determination on this. We have two types of marriage in California: It is optional if you want to name the branch, but for reference, and when you visit the courthouse itself, the name of the branch is the Peter L. Next, we have a date of separation. Court users leave questions on voicemail and the facilitator tries to answer calls within three days. What is legal custody? Other items that can can be considered separate property would be gifts and inheritances, which can cover a broad spectrum. It states that you read the restraining orders on the back of the summons, and you understand that they apply when this petition is filed. In our example case, if John has been living in San Ramon for at least 3 months or in California, total, for 6 months, he can comply with the residency requirement. There are ways to argue one way or another, but these are the general guidelines that you want to abide by. Due to SRLs' lack of knowledge and education about probate, paperwork filed with the court was poorly written, making it difficult for judges to truly understand petitions, resulting in additional hearings. What it means is that the children spend substantial amounts of time with both parents.

Contra costa county divorce forms

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Filing California Divorce Forms: Form 10 of 10 the FL-141

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Again, you can use your cell phone number, your home number, or a work number — you basically need to use a number where the court can reach you.

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