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Poor Self-Esteem Low self-esteem is one of the primary reasons for why people turn into compulsive liars. At the end of the day, if you choose not to deal with such a person, that is an individual decision. Compulsive Lying Symptoms It is not easy to spot the symptoms of a compulsive liar, because the lies are mostly too subtle to catch one's eye -- that, or they have been skillfully presented by the liars. In order to maintain their high popularity rate, they begin to build attention-seeking white lies. Do you exaggerate when you tell stories to others? Covering Up When a compulsive liar gets caught in his web of lies, he will cook up another story of how he is falsely accused or will deny it totally with another story to back up his claim of innocence and cover up the lies. If you observe this happening frequently, be careful.

Compulsive lying quiz

These liars need to be in total emotional control to keep nerves at bay, which is not always an easy task. Do you suffer from a low self-esteem and lie to feel more confident in front of others? Though it is not always necessary that a person might be suffering from a personality disorder to turn into a compulsive liar. Or avoiding someone whenever possible will save you from having to deal with their lies. Recognizing the symptoms of compulsive lying is necessary because it helps you identify a person who exhibits this behavior and you can thereby decide the necessary steps that need to be taken -- either to avoid him, or to urge him to undergo treatment. This disorder has its roots in childhood. They come about due to situations which have required them to lie the fear of a punishment, for example and the habit has thereby set in. They are inconsistent too, about whatever they say. If that is someone very close to you, then may be realizing that the person is going through a psychological problem would help. It includes probing the patient for getting any indications of a personality disorder and cognitive behavioral therapy CBT. While telling one lie after the other, they may not realize that they have told the same lie to the same person, more than once. Another interesting symptom is that these people tend to become nervous when they have to speak the truth. Yes, I do this Sometimes, to avoid further questions No, I tell the truth 7. This makes the parents distrustful of them and in turn the child becomes more unruly and may take to lying often. This is normal behavior in all children and is often traced back to their vivid power of imagination. Treatment for this condition involves several aspects. Pardon Me This is yet another significant sign of a pathological liar. In case of pathological liars, sometimes, the tests may not prove to be conclusive. Unless that happens, the treatment is not going to help. Do you lie about situations when it was easy to tell the truth? Ask Questions Those who are involved in pathological lying, or have a tendency to be one, are very defensive, which is a natural reaction. In this case, when you ask such a person about something related to what he or she said, the person asks you to repeat the question. Bipolar Disorder People suffering from bipolar disorder are always suffering from mood swings that range from depression to manic behavior. But one cannot avoid someone when they are your spouse, child, parent, sibling or a work partner. For one, the fact that lying is wrong has been drilled into our psyche since childhood, and two, the thought of getting caught and facing the consequences of the same discourages us from lying.

Compulsive lying quiz

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The ideal way to go about this is to consult a counselor, who will adopt a number of ways like role-playing or situational skits and thereby help the person discard the habit. It records and measures varied physiological responses of the person being tested.

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