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We normally pierce and install 12g captive bead rings in the outer labia. Imagine a vertical hood meets a Christina piercing. Hi guys Minnie Age: I usually perform this piercing with a 14g or 12g custom-made bar. A few things need to be considered when choosing placement for this attractive piercing such as; where do your thighs touch, are you planning on receiving multiple piercings and of course general anatomy plays a big part on placement. Labia piercings can be done singularly or in pairs. Many times you can receive a similar appearance of the HCH with an inner or outer labia piercing. It travels from the public mound, and rather than exiting above the top of the clitoral hood like the Christina, it follows through the entire hood, and the bottom sits exactly like a vertical hood piercing.

Clitoral hood piercing images

Your body piercer will discuss all of this with you. A consultation is requested if you are interested in receiving a triangle piercing. Imagine a vertical hood meets a Christina piercing. This piercing starts on the outside the top of the hood and exits through the pubic mound, and is quite often a surface piercing. With genital work, I typically work appointment only and prefer a sit down consultation prior to the work being done. Correct anatomy structure plays a big role in many genital piercings. With that being said, this piercing is normally easy to heal without problems. These piercings I perform with 10g rings and larger. Deep piercings may spot for several days If you experience heavy bleeding please contact your piercer Unscented panty liners may be worn in case of spot bleeding If your piercing is uncomfortable once the numbing has worn off you may wish to take panadol or nurofen, remember to follow the manufactures guidelines regarding these, and what you can take safely Remember that your piercing is a wound, there will be a little tenderness, swelling and discolouration and possibly bruising and itching. Many times you can receive a similar appearance of the HCH with an inner or outer labia piercing. This is another one of those piercings that is surprisingly easy to receive and heals quickly. This piercing is anatomy dependent. This piercing can often times be placed in several different spots depending on your lifestyle and what your desired aesthetical goal is. A normal part of the healing process is the secretion of yellow fluid, that dries and forms a crust about the Jewellery. A fourchette piercing is a labial piercing done at the rear rim of the vagina. With these things in mind we can help you decide on whether or not this piercing is right for you. With my high standards of sterilization, best methods for these procedures and optimal placement, I have carved out a reputation in this industry as a specialist when it comes to female genital piercing. I start this piercing at either a 12g or 10g, always preferring the larger. The Christina, like the outer labia, heals slowly and special care needs to be taken to reduce the jewelry from being bumped around — a bit of common sense and diligent aftercare is all that is needed. These piercings I pierce with 10g rings and larger. This vascular area has a tendency to swell which can be soothed with a mild, non-iodized sea salt bath but eliminating undue outer pressure will help to eliminate excessive swelling. These answers will help us to determine the best placement in the area you would like pierced and the type of jewelry that will be most beneficial to all of those involved. I usually perform this piercing with a 14g or 12g custom-made bar. The outer labia need to be on the smaller side less dominate to ensure the jewelry does not become sandwiched between them and twist uncomfortably to the side. Not to be confused with a deep horizontal hood piercing, the piercing passes underneath the clitoral shaft. Like the Triangle, I always have a consultation prior to doing the work because, most women need a custom-made piece if they are not suited for a surface bar.

Clitoral hood piercing images

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VCH ( Vertical Clitoral Hood) ( Clit piercing ), what to look for and aftercare instructions

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These piercings heal extremely quickly and are often done in pairs.

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