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That has blessed me in more ways than I can count, and it humbles me, too, because most of what I write is fleeting — a newspaper article or column, a blog post, a piece of magazine prose. Kiasu's boss, Saboh Singh, is an almost fearless man even during his Reservist NS training exercises. Beginnings comics, wherein a young Rayne goes to the doctor and recieves a shot without batting an eyelash. Lauren, to whom needles are just a plaything, has a dream about a woman stabbing her in the neck with a syringe. One stand-up lamented how some accents lend themselves to this; someone with a thick British accent could convince you that cocoa comes from a coconut just by being insistent enough, and conversely nuclear technicians with certain Southern accents There's a whole strip devoted to this in Bloody Urban , where Murray expresses his fears of needle-related death to his vampire girlfriend Camille. This leaves him with no nanomachines in his body, unlike every other soldier out there, and makes him immune whenever anybody futzes with the nanos. Al Capone was also afraid of needles. A giant flesh golem, he's ugly, gross, and has a giant needle in place of a right hand which he uses to spread some sort of lethal toxin.

Calvin and hobbes tattoos

Few viewers will have been riddled with bullets or been hit by a speeding motorcycle, but most will have had antiseptic rubbed on a wound or a bandage removed, and know how much that hurt. Sure, I read the standard mass-market fiction for fun. He has only one Fatal Flaw — the fear of needles. Even the Fearless Fool can fear needles. Lord Peter though possibly not yet the reader has figured out that the doctor is the murderer, and fears the doctor wants to quietly dispose of him through a poisonous injection. If any questions are asked, the answers will only compound the absurdity. Just like you sometimes. Scott Adams of Dilbert , in his book The Joy of Work, lists several to try out on Too Dumb to Live co-workers, such as "French is exactly the same as Spanish, except with more words for cheeses. The Series features Lucky doing everything he can to avoid getting a shot from the visiting veterinarian. Of course, apart from a joke here or there, people understood what he really meant. Adrian Monk is afraid of close to everything, but needles are very high. Jayne, the gruff, tough badass of the crew of Serenity, absolutely hates getting patched up by Simon after a job. When she initially goes she gets scared off by the the doctor's supposed needle it was just a watering can and refuses to get treated because of it causing the symptoms to grow worse. Please, I'd much rather be sick than get a needle!! Or subtle Foreshadowing to him getting injected with Mirakuru in the episode "Three Ghosts". One smallpox vaccine and he goes down for the count. The high school is doing vaccinations. But when he finally gets around to it To loosen the bark so the tree will grow faster. For the latter, Charlie Brown gave some advice, telling him to pretend he was being tortured by pirates who wanted him to tell them where the gold was buried. John Mulaney tells a story about a nurse who assured him he wouldn't faint during a blood test. Hebus is a nine-foot-tall troll. This happens three more times in Dragon Ball GT. Stork was completely phobic about needles. She had us reading all sorts of books — most around a single theme. In this case, his fear, or rather hesitance, was justified, since the last time he received an injection before a mission, he got an unwanted gift:

Calvin and hobbes tattoos

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Only in the anime, Goku a guy who has literally been through Heaven and Hell and fought titans capable of laying waste to planets and come out victorious is screaming in fear when the doctor is giving him a shot while in the hospital.

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