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The Egyptian actress Dunya Samir Ghanem appeared scantily clad in a short clip in her underwear. Enlarge 1 Image 1 of 10Arab sex symbol, Haifa Wehbe, found herself at war with the Gauls when a French website posted 'pornographic' images - allegedly her's - from a sex tape. Enlarge Reduce Image 9 of Though they can expect the best of the high life that celebrity has to offer, entourages and red carpets and hero worship not excepting, do we count on them to retain the conservative cultural standards that they were borne out of. In the Middle East, certainly, home to the conservative Islamic faithful as well as more traditional Christian worshippers, and culturally 'affected' Arab peoples, sexually liberal behavior or out-of-wedlock candor is still very much taboo, on or off camera.

Arab sex scandles

Even Arab footballers and footballers of Arab background are prone to getting carried away in the culture of scandals. It was said to be of high 'quality' as far as sex-tapes go. It is more than just individual careers that come under the stern stamp of ill-repute. Enlarge Reduce Image 3 of Otherwise, these expicit scenes discussed in this line-up, have been blatantly obtained unlawfully through security and phone cameras. Enlarge Reduce Image 10 of Yes, we hate to burst your bubble, Madam Ajram. Scandals, while more commonplace in the western world, can still cause big upsets, marring lives in the Eastern world. She has today wiped off her scarlet letter with a comeback into the Arab 'Abaya' business. Do you think we have the right to intrude or even 'own' the lives of our very own Arab Celebrities, or do think by exposing themselves, they leave us little choice but to watch their exploits? When's the movie out, we ask?! Nudity, never mind pornography, can shame and scandalize entire families and the rank and file of society. Secret Arab marriages again Enlarge Reduce Image 8 of Leave your comments below. Sex is still taboo and strictly for marriage. Enlarge Reduce Image 4 of Or is it their celebrity-given prerogative to select their preferred bits of life in the limelight? She admits its authenticity, while citing unconsciousness during the filming, accusing her boyfriend ex? Arab celebrities can therefore find themselves, dizzy from the constant glare from TV, the internet, 'followed' on Twitter and in the supermarket or salon, caught off guard - wavering between confessions and denials of their on-camera supposedly-off-camera exploits. The question to ask ourselves is, do we expect this particular band of celebrities that is Arab to adhere to better or 'higher' rules of conduct since they are Muslim or Christian Arabs? Al Bawaba's picks of some the stars 'caught in the act' include, possibly the usual suspects: Secret Arab marriages again 8 Image 8 of 10Nicole Ballan, the Lebanese runner-up beauty queen, disappeared from the face of Lebanon after her 'porn' scandal video with her then-boyfriend got leaked. The scandal caused her to withdraw from the public eye, distancing herself especially from media, until a recent TV interview in which she shrugged off the whole incident, saying 'I don't care'. The Lebanese Carole Samaha turned down, with distaste, an invitation to dirty-dance with a male model at a music concert. So less surprise when a pornographic video with her "boyfriend" got out. The Tunisian Cutlure minister has banned several artists from performing live shows in Tunisia due to their unsavory reputations.

Arab sex scandles

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The Lebanese Carole Samaha turned down, with distaste, an invitation to dirty-dance with a male model at a music concert.

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