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If you want to make bourbon, you age it in charged barrels. Keep it in a warm place till it ferments. Immediately pitch with 3 grams of yeast. It might look like lumpy snot, but this gooey mixture is actually the foundation of your bootleg booze. The ethanol vapor will enter the distillation column and travel through an arm called the lyne arm, then into the condenser, where it cools and returns to its liquid state, where it's collected in a vessel. If it's light purple, it's done enough starch has converted to sugar. Time to make some moonshine Pin Image: After you run off the whiskey, it is clear like water.

5 gallon cornmeal moonshine recipe

Bring the water up to degrees F, then place it in a gallon fermenting pot copper or stainless steel only. Some call it white lightning or mountain dew or even rotgut, but you can call it what it really is — moonshine. This is what you'll put into the still's pot. To avoid secondary fermentation and contamination add 1 gram of ammonium-fluoride. But where would this country be if everybody just did the smart, practical thing? I hope you find this recipe to be to your satisfaction. But essentially, after your mash is done foaming, you'll have a light golden liquid referred to as still beer or wash. Moonshine is damn strong if you've done it correctly. Shelled, whole corn is covered with warm water in a container with a hole in the bottom. Cover primary with cloth, wait 12 hours and add yeast. In either case, it must be kept warm. Let the mash ferment Set the mash aside in a cool, dark room and allow it to ferment for four to five days. If you want to make bourbon, you age it in charged barrels. If it's blue, put it back on for another 30 minutes. This process will scald the meal. Keep mixture at degrees stirring constantly for hours to convert starch into fermentable sugar and dextrin. Separately, wash, destem, and crush the grapes well in a bowl. Note that if you'd like to make gin, you'll use a botanical blend during the second distillation. Fit fermentation trap, and set aside for 4 weeks. It then is placed in new, charred American oak barrels where it ages for 5 years, 6 months before it is bottled. First to degrees F to boil the ethanol, and then to degrees F to boil the water. Place the fermenting container, covered, in a warm place for 3 days, and let the yeast work its magic. Never taste the result of the first distill. Add water to make up 5 gallon. This recipe is meant for entertainment purposes and anyone who actually follows through with it should be both admired for their ambition and mocked for their stupidity. Filter the quasi-moonshine through charcoal a few times to remove grit, impurities and hair.

5 gallon cornmeal moonshine recipe

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How to make the Simplest Corn Mash

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