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The Impala doesn't compare to the Charger's eye catching curves and sporty style but does have plenty of seating and cargo space as well as an array of high tech features. Doesn't seem like a value? Fuel economy Better Worse With the 5. The dealership let me take one home for the weekend and I pretty much got all of that out of my system then. Although it is big, it is easy to control and has a powerful engine under the hood. For those who like to give the transmission direct orders, the Rallye Appearance Group includes paddle shifters on the steering wheel. The Charger handles similar to a Nascar race car. For Chrysler offers both with a horsepower V6 and eight-speed automatic.

2012 dodge charger pros and cons

These are outstanding numbers for such a large, heavy sedan. Looks even more distinctive at night. It's also very flattering when the local police are intrigued and actually inquire about it as well. Upper level trims offer buyers the chance to enjoy features like heated mirrors, heated front seats, Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, performance brakes and tires and a sport tuned suspension. In typical suburban driving the trip computer reported between 19 and 25 depending on the number of red lights and the heaviness of my right foot. Shorter drivers will feel like Goldilocks behind the wheel of Papa Bear's car. Ten Reasons to Buy a Dodge Charger: But there is an exception: The Impala doesn't compare to the Charger's eye catching curves and sporty style but does have plenty of seating and cargo space as well as an array of high tech features. Conclusion We live in a changed world, and many people no longer feel a need for a large sedan. These two trims come with only a 4. The Avalon is an interesting competitor as it has a hybrid option that attains 40 mpg, yet it pales in comparison to the Charger's beastly engine and muscular aesthetic. The system must intuit from the distance of your pull back on the handle which one you are trying to select. There are several packages that boost the engine power to horses and pound feet of torque. Bright red might not be the best match for the tall body sides. Raising the power adjustable seat helps. But even in the tested Dodge the tan leather on the seats looked and felt rich. The styling, the power,.. Sitting moderately high in the big comfortable seat gazing over an expansive hood, you might start to wonder why traditional American cars don't rule the road the way they once did. It definitely could be lowered, bent little further down, or placed somewhere else altogether. Interior styling The Charger's instrument panel remains more massive than it needs to be, and in general many aspects of the interior seem under-styled and oversized. A Wheel Sport Appearance Group is also available and several new exterior paints can be selected. Previously, the V6, especially the pre V6, underwhelmed. That seems a bit odd. What's new for Like the '13 edition of the Charger, the '14 hasn't changed much. Too often it cannot decide what you want, so it does nothing.

2012 dodge charger pros and cons

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Is the Dodge Charger a Good First Car? Sharing My Experience + Pros & Cons

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It is composed of high quality materials compared to earlier editions of the Charger.

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